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Post your pictures from your rides at hatta Trail centre using #hattamtb or @hattamtb and look out for your images appearing here on the Hattamtb website.



Hatta Trail Centre is a first MTB Centre in the Middle East, and is a home to multiple cross country route of various grades that cater to all levels of ability from absolute beginners through to experienced riders.

The Hatta Trails are free to ride and are open all year round..

Ample parking and visitor facilities are provided by Hatta Municipality.


    We want you to get home safely. Hatta Trail Centre strongly encourage all riders:

    Before you set off..
    • Inform your friend or family where you intend to ride
    • Carry a soft copy or a print out of the trail map
    • Carry the right equipment for fixing your bike on the trail and know how to use it (a bike tool, a spare inner tube, a pump, and a puncture repair kit)
    • Have your mobile phone fully charged before you set off
    • Don’t rely on others
    • Study and match the colour coded system of Hatta Trails to your riding ability, don’t overestimate
    On the trails..
    • Always wear the right clothing, and safety gear (cycle helmet and gloves)
    • Always follow the official signage and directions
    • Only cycle within your abilities
    • Only tackle trail features (jumps, ramps, bridges, etc) when you are sure you can do them, slow down and have a look first!
    • Train before embarking on the difficult and technical routes
    • Expect the unexpected and watch out for other riders
    • Always be polite and courteous to other riders and allow to other riders to pass
    • Faster riders please inform the rider ahead of your intentions to overtake
    • All trails are designed in one way system, please follow the route direction arrows to ensure safety
    • Keep a look out for warning signs
    After your ride..
    • Keep parking area clean
    • Use the designated toilet & shower facilities (be discrete & respectful)
    • Enjoy the rest of your day with plenty of local cafes and shops available in Hatta town centre


    Trail Centre is an evolving project and the facilities on offer are continuing to emerge. Keep visiting our website to stay up-to-date with our the new exciting additions.



    The Hatta MTB Centre comprises of 14km of trails and is constantly growing. The trails are divided into different grades of routes to accommodate every level and experience of a rider: GREEN - for beginners, BLUE for intermediate, RED for experienced and finally BLACK for very skilled & experienced riders.

    Click on the image below for a larger view of the current trail map or visit the DOWNLOAD section for a PDF copy. We update the map in line with the opening of the new sections of the trail.

    • Klaipeda in the night
    • Klaipeda in the night

    The trail network is an ever evolving project and we update the maps in line with the opening of new sections of trail.


    Green grade trails are suitable for:

    Beginners or novice cyclists.

    Bike required:

    Most bikes and mountain bike hybrids are suitable.

    Trail and surface types:

    These will be relatively flat and wide. Trail surface might be loose, uneven or sandy at times. Might include short flowing singletrack-style sections. Some green routes can take trailers.

    Gradients and technical trail features:

    Climbs and descents are mostly shallow. No challenging features.

    Suggested fitness level:

    Suitable for most people in good health.

    Blue grade trails are suitable for

    Intermediate cyclists or mountain bikers with basic off-road riding skills.

    Bike required:

    Basic mountain bike or mountain bike hybrid.

    Trail and surface types:

    As for 'green', plus specially constructed singletrack trails. Trail surface might include small obstacles of rock.

    Gradients and technical trail features:
    Most gradients are moderate but might include short steep sections. Includes small technical trail features (such as a loose surface and rock).

    Suggested fitness level:

    A good standard of fitness can help.

    Red grade trails are suitable for:

    Proficient mountain bikers with good off-roading skills.

    Bike required:

    Quality off-road mountain bikes.

    Trail and surface types:

    Steeper and tougher, mostly singletrack with technical sections. Expect very variable surface types.

    Gradients and technical trail features:

    A wide range of climbs and descents of a challenging nature will be present. Expect boardwalks, berms, large rocks, medium steps, drop-offs, cambers and wadi crossings.

    Suggested fitness level:

    A higher level of fitness and stamina is required.

    Black grade trails are suitable for:

    Expert mountain bike users, used to physically demanding routes.

    Bike required:

    A good quality off-road mountain bike is needed.

    Trail and surface types:

    As for 'red', but with an expectation of greater challenge and continuous difficulty. Can include any useable trail and might include exposed open hill sections. Gradients and technical trail features: Expect large, committing and unavoidable technical trail features. Sections will be challenging and variable. Might also have 'downhill' style sections.

    Suggested fitness level:

    Suitable for very active people used to prolonged effort.


    All routes and junctions will soon be marked with directional arrows on marker posts as illustrated below. Currently the trails are marked with painted stones that correspond to the trail grade you are on.

    In addition there will be a full trail centre map located at the start of all the trails.



    Download the trail maps below in either english or arabic, the maps also contain the route height profiles and other useful information.

    • Klaipeda in the night
    • Klaipeda in the night

    The trail network is an ever evolving project and we update the maps in line with the opening of new sections of trail.

    GPX Downloads

    You can download the individual routes here or the full set.


    INSTAGRAM #hattamtb

    Post your pictures from your rides at hatta Trail centre using #hattamtb or @hattamtb and look out for your images appearing here on the Hattamtb website.


    What are the opening hours for the trail centre?

    Hatta Trail Centre is open 24 hours a day, 35 days a year

    How do I get here?

    There are two ways to reach the trail centre from Dubai, you can take the E44
    to Al Madam then follow signs to Hatta (please note however you will need an Emirates ID or passport for the security checks where you cross into Oman for a short distance, you may also be asked for Oman insurance)

    The second option is to take the E102 sign posted for Kalba from the E611, this route avoids any security checks but takes around 15 minutes longer from Dubai.

    Do I need a 4WD to get there?

    No. The roads leading up to Trail Centre parking are smooth gravel/dirt roads.
    A regular saloon car can access both parking and camping areas.

    How much does it cost to ride at Hatta trail centre?

    Hatta Trail Centre is a free public facility.

    How much does parking cost?

    There is no charge for parking either. However be aware that the car park is unmanned. Please take any appropriate safety and security steps - secure any valuables, don’t leave anything visible, etc.

    What facilities are available?

    We are striving to make the Hatta centre a pleasant & enjoyable experience for
    our visitors. The variety of the amenities in the area is constantly expanding.
    Please, check the Introduction page on this website for the full list of currently available facilities.

    Is there an age restriction for the riders?

    There are no strict age restrictions for riding at Hatta Trail Centre, but it is advised that anyone under 16 y.o. is accompanied by an adult.

    What conditions are the trails in?

    It varies! We do our best to keep them in tip top shape but due to high amount of traffic the trails experience, there will always be signs of wear.

    What type of bike do I need?

    You can ride any type of off-road bicycle. For the RED and BLACK routes a mountain bike with front suspension is recommended. GREEN route can be ridden on a hybrid bike without any suspension

    Can I hire a bike in Hatta?

    Currently there aren’t any facilities to rent bikes, but it is possible to rent mountain bikes at some of the bike shops in Dubai.

    Is there a cafe or supermarket nearby?

    There is an Emirates Coop Supermarket located at the main Hatta roundabout, where you can buy water, food, and camping supplies. Many small cafeterias serve traditional arabic food in the Hatta village, why not give them a try and experience authentic local warm welcome.

    Is there Mobile Phone coverage on the trails?

    On most of the trails the mobile signal is strong, however in some of the low areas you may loose it. In that case mobile reception can be restored by climbing to the higher ground.

    What do I do in case of emergency?


    I’m visiting from far away such as Abu Dhabi or Oman,where can I stay overnight?

    You can use the Hatta Trail Camp site (there are large areas of flat ground close to the toilet and shower block and also at the other side of the wadi), or if you’d prefer to stay in something a little more luxurious, have a look at the Hatta Fort Hotel.

    Are there any group rides - aka social rides - that I can join?

    There are no official group rides at the Hatta Trail Centre, however following groups hold regular group rides - all of which are free to join - please make sure you check before hand if they’re suitable for your level of skill/fitness:

    HOT COG MTB Facebook Group
    MTB Fridays
    DIRT SKIRTS Mtb (Ladies Only)

    Do you organise frequent rides at Hatta Trail Centre?

    Let us know and we’ll add yours.



    EMAIL :

    Telephone :04 12348476



    DIRT SKIRTS MTB (Ladies Only)